Norbar High Power Torque Wrenches

Norbar is known as one of the world’s foremost specialist in torque tools and their range of ‘torque multipliers’ can be just the job when you need a tool that will increase the amount of power you can apply.

Handtorque Multipliers

These tools reduce the amount of effort you need to use when tightening bolts etc. This is achieved with the use of a range of precisely engineered gears. They are manufactured to provide ratios of 5 to 1, 25 to 1 and 125 to 1, the latter of course means that you can apply an awful lot of power.

The accuracy of these tools is within 4% too.

Safety When Applying Power

Of course, applying this sort of power needs to be done carefully, as if there was a backlash, the operator could be injured. Thus, all Norbar tools are fitted with anti wind up ratchets for safer more comfortable operation.

Electronic Torque Transducers

These are also available for most of the Norbar range and allow precise torque control.

Worlifts Bolting Division

Perhaps unique in the UK Industry, Worlifts Bolting Division is equipped with a fleet of specialist on-site calibration and testing vehicles which are fully equipped with all the latest calibration equipment. This allows any torque tool to be calibrated and thorough examinations to be carried out on manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches and associated bolting tools, all at your offices, factory etc.

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