Norbar Pneumatic Pneutorque Torque Multipliers

There is no better wrench tool for delivering accurate torque control with minimal noise and vibration.

The Pnetorque range incorporates a motor driving a Norbar eplicycle gearbox which can generate up to 300,000 N-m. Every tool is supplied with its own unique air pressure v torque graph and is fully traceable calibration certificate.

Electronic torque transducers offering precise torque monitoring or closed loop shut off systems can be supplied.

These systems offer reduced operator fatigue and have been developed to reduce the level of noise and vibration in the workplace.

The Pneutorque system is not just suitable for bolting applications either, it can be used in any area where smooth controlled torque is needed.

The main points to bear in mind with these tools are that they offer / have

Worlifts Bolting Division

Perhaps unique in the UK Industry, Worlifts Bolting Division is equipped with a fleet of specialist on-site calibration and testing vehicles which are fully equipped with all the latest calibration equipment. This allows any torque tool to be calibrated and thorough examinations to be carried out on manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches and associated bolting tools, all at your offices, factory etc.

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