Norbar Torque Wrench Calibration

Norbar Measurement & Calibration Systems

Norbar offers Five Measurement / Calibration Tools

Trucheck / Trucheck Plus

This testing service is suitable for simple cost effecting testing of torque wrenches, allowing tool performance to be monitored and kept in peak condition.

Professional Torque Tester

These are suitable where high accuracy is needed and have a robust construction with a fully versatile mounting.

Often the first choice of the military, this type of monitoring equipment is also used in industrial and laboratory environments.

Torque Tool Tester

This set of tools are mainly used in laboratory’s these systems can be connected to a huge range of Norbar tranducers, the SMART intelligence option allowing tranducers to be set up much faster, no set up being needed.

The Calibration Beam

For the static calibration of torque tranducers, the Norbar Calibration Beam is designed for the precise application of a known torque value to a torque transducer.

The Calibration Disc and Radius Ended beams have no bearings to cause energy loss and therefore are even more accurate. They are also designed to minimise the bending moment in the transducer during loading.

Torque Wrench Loader

Designed for accurate torque wrench calibration, these loaders remove most of the human element from the calibration process, thus making it more accurate and less error prone. The wrenches are loaded in accordance with International Standards like ISO 6789:2003.

Also available in a powered version (which removed the physical effort in the calibration process) is the ISO 1500, which along with the ISO 2700 allows for the quick and easy interchange of transducers.

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