Norbar Pneumatic Pneutorque Torque Multiplier Range

The Pneutorque PTM-52 and PTM-72

These wrenches are designed to be light and yet offering high speeds.

They are very compact, having 52 and 72mm gearboxes, making them ideal for cramped locations. They are also well balanced, making them easy to manoeuvre and handle.

Offering fast operations for rapid bolt run downs, the 800 N-m version has a maximum speed of 175rpm.

Internal and External Torque Regulation systems.

The internal control (IC) versions have a torque transducer, this has a torque setting and a display panel / solenoid valve which will shut of the supply at the desired torque setting.

The External Control (EC) versions also offer the ability to turn off the supply at predetermined levels, these units being better suited for production lines.

Long Nosed Torque Wrenches

If you have an application that has recessed bolts, then the PTME version with its extended nose is just what you need, the perfect tool for truck and bus wheel nuts.

The Pneutorque PTM-92 and PTM-119

This range offers an ideal balance of speed weight and robustness.

These offer fast operation for rapid run-down with 2700N-m versions, the rpm being 57.

Durability is also of course built in, however, the 3500 N-m still weighs just 8.5 kg

Worlifts Bolting Division

Perhaps unique in the UK Industry, Worlifts Bolting Division is equipped with a fleet of specialist on-site calibration and testing vehicles which are fully equipped with all the latest calibration equipment. This allows any torque tool to be calibrated and thorough examinations to be carried out on manual, pneumatic and hydraulic torque wrenches and associated bolting tools, all at your offices, factory etc.

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